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High Risk Trading Products Risk Disclosure

Securities, Futures, CFDs and other financial products involve high risks due to the fluctuation in the value and prices of the underlying financial instruments. Due to the adverse and unpredictable market movements, large losses exceeding your initial investment could incur within a short period of time.
Past performance of an investment is not an indication of its performance in the future. Please read the compliance documents available on our website.
Please make sure you fully understand the risks of trading with the respective financial instrument before engaging in any transactions with us. You should seek independent professional advice if you do not understand the risks explained herein.

Trading service

A transaction service is an execution-only service. The client will be responsible for all investment decisions and actions related to the transaction. This includes, but is not limited to, starting or terminating a transaction, or not starting or terminating a transaction. The Replica Trading Service is a limited form of discretionary investment management specified in Appendix "Replica Trading" to the Agreement. This requires the client to have investment knowledge and experience in replication trading.

Trading advice

From time to time, DUX HOLDING will provide market news, commentary, charts and analysis, trading performance analysis, products and services based on market signals or other trading support tools (" Trading Tools "). Trading instruments are universal and do not and will not take into account the client's personal goals, financial situation or needs. Before using a trading instrument, clients should consider their personal goals, financial situation and needs and determine whether the trading instrument is appropriate. Customer confirms that :(i) none of the market advice and information communicated to Customer by DUX HOLDING or any person within the Company constitutes an offer to sell any foreign exchange contract or an offer to induce the purchase of any foreign exchange contract; (ii) Such advice and information, although based on information obtained from sources deemed trustworthy by DUX HOLDING, may be solely in the Broker's own opinion and such information may be incomplete and unverified; And (iii)DUX HOLDING makes no representations, warranties or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information or trading advice provided to the Client, and does not assume any responsibility for this. Customer acknowledges that DUX HOLDING and/or its officers, directors, affiliates, partners, shareholders or representatives may hold a position or may intend to buy or sell in the currency underlying the market advice provided to Customer, The market position of DUX HOLDING or any such officer, director, related party, partner, shareholder or representative may not be consistent with the advice provided to clients by DUX HOLDING. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Customer agrees to exempt DUX HOLDING and its officers, employees, employees or agents from (a) the failure to deliver or the failure to deliver on time or the wrongful delivery of the Trading Instrument; (b) the trading instruments are inaccurate or incomplete; Or (c) the customer uses or relies on the information provided by the trading instrument for any reason; And all direct, indirect, partial or total loss, damage, including legal expenses.

Customer Representations and warranties

The Client represents and warrants that :(a) the Client is of sound mind, of legal age and of legal capacity; And (b) no person other than the Customer has or will have an interest in the Customer's account; And (c) the Client hereby warrants that, notwithstanding any subsequent decision to the contrary, the Client is fit to trade in foreign exchange contracts; And (d) the Client is not an employee of any exchange, of any company owning a majority share capital of any exchange, is not a member of any exchange and/or of any company registered on any exchange, or of any bank, trust or insurance company trading in the same products as DUX HOLDING, if the client becomes an employee of such institution, Client shall immediately notify DUX HOLDING of this employment by email and (e) all information provided by Client in applying for the DUX HOLDING account (the "Application") is true, valid, accurate and complete at the time of execution of this Agreement and any changes to such information shall be made, The customer will immediately notify DUX HOLDING; (f) The Client has read and fully understands the terms of the Agreement, including the risk disclosure; (g) All operations performed in accordance with this Agreement shall not violate any law, applicable regulation or any statute, decree, charter, ordinance or rule applicable to the Client or the jurisdiction in which the Client and his property are located or otherwise subject to the Client; (h) The Customer confirms that he/she is capable of frequent Internet access and agrees that DUX HOLDING Company will provide him/her with information in the form of Posting relevant information on the website, Including but not limited to changes and amendments to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, costs of use, fees, operating agreements, policies and other relevant information relating to the nature and risks of the investment; (i) Client, the funds and/or any financial instruments delivered to DUX HOLDING pursuant to the terms of this Agreement are not in any way, directly or indirectly, involved in any illegal activity or used/intended to be used to finance terrorism; The aforesaid funds belong to the Principal, and there is no lien, mortgage, pledge, or possibility of any liens or other claims by any third party; (j) The Customer shall act in good faith in the use of the Services and/or quotations provided under this Agreement and the market transactions used by the Customer shall be appropriate and acceptable; (k) If, during the performance of this Agreement, the Client becomes a person with political risk, he shall promptly give relevant notice.

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