Commodities Trading

Commodity markets, like the global exchange rate markets, offer a variety of investment opportunities to investors in globally traded markets. Commodities play an important role in diversification and risk management, and investors see the potential to profit from these financial derivatives, including futures contracts
In general, investing in contract commodities can be used to mitigate risk

Trade Commodities with DUX HOLDING

Highly Leveraged Two-way Trading

Amplify your position with high leverage, and capture the market’s constant stream of profit opportunity.

Excellent Market Depth

Quotes of up to level 8 market depth, real-time display of market trading volume, liquidity insight data, and visualize market fluctuations to grasp opportunities.

Straightforward Trading

Fuel trades with readily available high-quality news and analysis. Trading is also made easier with copy trading features.

Trade Crude Oil

DUX HOLDING offers commodity CFDs, which are CFDs whose value is determined by fluctuations in the price of the underlying commodity, such as Brent Crude. Prices for commodity CFDs are only quoted and can only be traded during the open market hours of the relevant exchange on which the underlying commodity is traded

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  • Long and short Two-way Trading Mechanism
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